Sunday, 9 October 2011


Well, it has started, I've finally decided to do something for myself that's not power armour.
I've been on about doing this army for a while, if you haven't already realised it's a Daemon army. It'll be all Khorne based including (I think) all of the Khorne characters from the Codex, Skarbrand, Skulltaker and Karanak (is there anymore? I'm sure I could squeeze them in somewhere).
The army list is 1750 and contains the following units Skarbrand, Skulltaker on a Juggernaught (pictured here), 2 units of 4 Bloodcrushers (expect pics soon) 2 units of 8 Bloodletters, 2 units of Flesh Hounds which include Karanak (anybody got ant spare?) and the final thing is 2 Soulgrinders, hopefully they're going to add a bit of much needed firepower (ish).
With the game being absolutley flooded with Grey Knights at the minute I'm quite looking forward to seeing how they go, I'm sure they're going to be ok but not massively game winning but that doesn't really matter as anybody who know's me know's it's not really the way I play.
So, painting, converting and basing wise there's not really that much to say, they'll be a pretty standard red colour with a few conversions here and there. For Skarbrand I'm using the Forge World Daemon Prince and have given him a couple of Great weapons from the plastic minotaur set, he's built and undercoated. I'll be doing a small bit of conversion work on the Soulgrinders to make them look a bit more like the old Khorne Daemon engines from the old Epic range. The whole army will be based on urban bases as seen above, these are just being made from bits I have in the bits box along with a few bits of plasicard and GW barbed wire, pretty easy to do.
Once I figure out how to add more pics to my posts I'll dump a whole lot more on here for you to all have a look at.
That's it for now, another load of rambling but hey, that's par for the course pretty much.
Oh, and does anybody know how to get the spaces to appear between paragraphs?

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Told you it would take a while!!!

Well, I did say it wasn't going to be a regular thing didn't I?
So, it's been a few months since I first started this off and it's been a rather busy time for me, I've moved house changed job and have actually managed to complete a couple of commissions as well.
The bigger of the 2 commission jobs I've finished is yet more Space Wolves, a complete 1750 point army, (I really need to take a break from them for a while, well, at least until the rumoured GW Thunderwolves appear.........) the army was a Logan Wing force comprising of The Great Wolf himself, a Rune Priest and 25 Wolf Guard Terminators. Took me a while to actually get into this job, it is difficult to get motivated sometimes, but when I got into it I thoroughly enjoyed putting it together, for me that's one of the best things about building armies, actually seeing the units coming together and getting to the end result.
The other thing I've just finished is the limited edition Armageddon diorama, I think it was availiable as part of GWs Skulz promotion (think that must have been around about 10 years ago), the mini itself came out quite well although it doesn't go together that well and the Blood Angels arms a a bit out of line.
As a few of you will know I'm actually the chairman of the Spiky Club in Reading, UK, which is probably one of the biggest clubs in the country with around 80 fully paid up members. Now due to me moving I'm having to hand over to somebody else :( I will still be attending on a semi regular basis but I'm currently not really sure where my gaming is going. On the plus side, I've got a few folks who are interested in starting up a club in this area which will hopefully work out well.
Right, that's enough rambling for now, I need to try and figure out how to post pics on here somehow, I've also got a tournament to get ready for at the weekend (Starsmash)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

First post!

Hi everyone(anyone)
Been thinking about doing this for a while, this definately won't be a regular thing, just something to put up whatever I'll be painting and building over the next however many months/years, that and any event reports and any other random stuff I may well be up to.
So, what am I up to currently, as many of you may well know I do a bit of commission work, on the paint station at the minute is a 1750 point Space Wolf terminator army so I'll keep my progress on that posted here, hopefully once a week, there's the best part of 30 terminators coming up, after that there will be an all Daemon Khorne army for myself, I'm aiming at alot of conversions in there so watch this space.
I'm also off to a tournament next week over in Bristol, ran by the good chaps of the "Bristol Vanguard", it's a one day event called "The Longest Day" it runs from 0900 in the morning to 2100 in the evening, there are 2 games at 1500 and 2 at 1750, this is the 2nd year it's running, had a blast last year, even picked up one of 5 painting trophies, going down on Friday night for a night out with a couple of the lads :D . I'll try and write up a bit of a battle report for everyone to read within a week or so of the event.
Anyway, that's a fairly random first post, expect more of the same to be honest, I tend to ramble a bit when I get going.
In the meantime, here's a link to my photobucket if you fancy seeing what sort of stuff I paint (kind of Space Marine centric)
Thanks for reading.