Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Far too long.....2!

Well it's been far to long since I last posted, to be honest I've not actually been up to much on the hobby side of life, I have continued painting and have pretty much finished up the Mentors commission, I do have a lot of faces to do for the same client though so it's still ongoing for the short term anyway.


On the personal side of life, might have mentioned it before but I've gained back the Fire Hawks at the cost of the World Eaters, may well have to re-visit the Horus Heresy at some point, Space Wolves anyone?!, but for now I'm trying to get back in to regular 40k so the Fire Hawks are perfect in order to help me do that, I've actually added a bit more weathering to them as well, similar to what I did to the World Eaters and am currently building and making a very slow start to painting a small allied force of Guard to go along with them.

The Guard force is still very much in it's infancy though, so it's still very far off being even remotely done.

Whilst the Guard army is coming together I'm continuing with other work in the shape of more World Eaters for the new owner and then some Sons of Horus with potientially some Charcaradons after that, so there will be alot of marine goodness coming over the next few months.

As I've previously said I am still champing at the bit to get playing more often though, sadly real life takes alot of precedence over that, something I am working on to try and negate though, not in a bad way, just trying to get my job shifted slightly.

That's it for now, short I know but i just wanted all the folks following to know that the blog isn't dead, well not just yet anyway :D