Sunday, 9 October 2011


Well, it has started, I've finally decided to do something for myself that's not power armour.
I've been on about doing this army for a while, if you haven't already realised it's a Daemon army. It'll be all Khorne based including (I think) all of the Khorne characters from the Codex, Skarbrand, Skulltaker and Karanak (is there anymore? I'm sure I could squeeze them in somewhere).
The army list is 1750 and contains the following units Skarbrand, Skulltaker on a Juggernaught (pictured here), 2 units of 4 Bloodcrushers (expect pics soon) 2 units of 8 Bloodletters, 2 units of Flesh Hounds which include Karanak (anybody got ant spare?) and the final thing is 2 Soulgrinders, hopefully they're going to add a bit of much needed firepower (ish).
With the game being absolutley flooded with Grey Knights at the minute I'm quite looking forward to seeing how they go, I'm sure they're going to be ok but not massively game winning but that doesn't really matter as anybody who know's me know's it's not really the way I play.
So, painting, converting and basing wise there's not really that much to say, they'll be a pretty standard red colour with a few conversions here and there. For Skarbrand I'm using the Forge World Daemon Prince and have given him a couple of Great weapons from the plastic minotaur set, he's built and undercoated. I'll be doing a small bit of conversion work on the Soulgrinders to make them look a bit more like the old Khorne Daemon engines from the old Epic range. The whole army will be based on urban bases as seen above, these are just being made from bits I have in the bits box along with a few bits of plasicard and GW barbed wire, pretty easy to do.
Once I figure out how to add more pics to my posts I'll dump a whole lot more on here for you to all have a look at.
That's it for now, another load of rambling but hey, that's par for the course pretty much.
Oh, and does anybody know how to get the spaces to appear between paragraphs?