Saturday, 2 February 2013

Far too long

Yep, as the title says it's been far too long since I posted last, to be honest that's probably because I've been far to busy painting stuff, which isn't necessarily a bad thing :D

So, what have I been painting since the last post I hear you say, well with the event of the Dark Angels being released I was asked to do some more terminators for the Mentor Legion army, 16 to be precise, 5  normal Deathwing, 1 command squad, one squad of Deathwing knights and Belial.

I've really enjoyed painting these so far, after painting battered stuff for the last few months it's actually quite refreshing to paint something that doesn't need weathing. I've taken some of the more obvious Dark Angel markings off of them, really like how the colours work together, I suppose that's why I was drawn to the army all those years ago.

I'm just starting the command squad as I type this blog post, it should be done at some point in the not too distant future, then it's on to Belial. I've also got some DA characters to do once the terminators are finished, I'll make sure I post pics of then when they're done.

For myself I've finished another Contemptor for the World Eaters, unfortunately after a few games with them I've decided they're just not for me so I've managed to work out a deal which will see me getting the Fire Hawks back along with some DA bits :D

I'm actually planning on starting to play alot more 40k now, probably because I'm more settled in work, and am planning on starting to go up to the Spiky Club in Reading alot more often, in all honesty I think marines just work for me better anyway so the Fire Hawks will bring alot of fun my way (hopefully).

With that in mind I'm actually planning my next army which is looking like it'll be pure Ravenwing, has anybody got the new kits yet? awesome, I've played a pure Ravenwing army before and really enjoyed it, it's got to be worth a try in 6th ed. Sorted out an army list so I'll work from there.

Anyway that's far too much rambling, I entered a tournament last week so I'll do a write up of that for the next update.

Until then,

Laters :D