Friday, 16 November 2012

Well, I bet you didn't think it would take that long! I'm not very good at this blogging malarky, I will try and make a bit more effort to start adding to the blog more often as I'm starting to lose a bit of interest in forums on the whole.

Since the last post I've done a fair bit of painting and we've seen 6th ed 40k arrive which from the small amount I've played is a fairly different, but much more enjoyable IMO, a game. Oh, and my Space Wolves are featured in the big rulebook as well  :D

As far as painting goes I've done bits for Space Wolves, Mentors and Ultramarines, a Fire Hawks (Space Marine) army and I'm just starting on some Heresy era World Eaters after the release of the Forge World(FW) book Betrayal. So alot of power armour. I've also done my first Dark Eldar mini, really fancy painting an army of these guys and am slowly building up bits to do so, once I've got an idea of what I want to have in the force I'll get organised and let you know what's going to be added, always happy to recieve hints and tips, not really got any idea how to make an effective xenos army?!

On that point, I'm still at odds with what I actually need to have in an army for 6th ed,  I really don't know what to put in my SW army. I've played a couple of tournaments so far with the Fire Hawks which have gone fairly well but I've been using regular marines with a few FW extras, I love Contemptor Dreadnoughts,
especially if they have all the guns, got to love 12 assault cannon and 2 missile launcher shots every turn of shooting especially if they have Skyfire and Interceptor. Which leads me on to a rather amusing situation in one of the games I played at heat 2 of the independant grand tournament, I was going second, my opponent had a drop pod full of Wolf Guard, he decided to drop it in front of both Contemptors! I'm sure you can imagine what happened next, I did warn my opponent as we were both fairly new to 6th ed at that time but he still decided to drop it where he placed it, 5 Wolf Guard and a Drop pod later, first blood to me in my opponents first turn whilst I was going 2nd!
Anyway that's a bit of a ramble, just wanted to re-introduce the blog a bit. I'll aim to post about specific things in the future as opposed to general stuff, so you can expect posts about the Eavy Metal Masterclass I attended recently, a step by step World Eater and more than likely a few of the tournaments I attend. I'll also put together my thoughts and theory's on how I build my armies along with some more general painting updates.
So, that's it for now, if anybody know's any good DE blogs etc. please pass them on, really want to get an army of them done.


  1. I started my blog a year ago and haven't looked back, not often I go on Warseer and the like these days. I don't know why but I find it so much more fulfilling! I cant say I know alot about tactics but I love the model you've done so far and hope you do get a whole army together! The Fire Hawks as I've said before are, of course, amazing!

  2. Your Fire Hawks look wonderful, it was really nice to get to play against them at Starsmash.

    2 good Dark Eldar blogs I read are:
    A good Dark Eldar specific forum is:

    The transisition to 6th is still in progress, so I'm seeing lots of variation. In my last tournament I faced 40 necron immortals with 9 wraiths supported by 2 flyers and 2 high av support vehicles, obviously built for 6th edition, however in another game I faced an imperial guard parking lot; 20 man blob and command sitting in an aegsis defense line, another 10 guard to capture another objective, 4 chimeras with HQ and 3 veterans squads, backed up by 2 leman russes (demolisher & punisher) plus 2 sentinals.

    Armour is weaker, but lots of armour can still overload an army's anti tank firepower. Flyers are a new menace. What's nice is that it means people have to cater for more army builds and the armies I'm seeing are more diverse (and razorback spam is much reduced).

    Grey Knights and Guard (top 5th edition armies) are still top armies, but Tzeentch Daemons and Necrons just edge them out to take the top 2 spots now.

    An example of the diversity is the two Dark Eldar blogs above. Both bloggers seem good generals, but they have completely different armies. The first is mainly mech similar to my army, while the other uses eldar allies and is completely foot (apart from 3 war walkers).

    With my list for 6th I have reduced the trueborn, added in haywire grenades everywhere I can and added quad gun, plus I'm trying out a Voidraven. Over the next 6 months I hope to have some grotesques to try out. So far I couldn't say what the best DE build is at the moment. Best advice I can give is that DE are fragile so don't spend too much on upgrades which makes the units expensive for how tough they are. Also I see very few competitive lists without the Baron (he's normally seen with Beastmasters, but quite a few units can benefit from him).

    Rathstar (aka Rob with the Black/Purple/Blue Dark Eldar from Spiky)

  3. Thanks guys,

    Thanks for the links Rob, I'm with you on 6th edition, it seems to allow for more varied lists to be effective which is a good thing. Really like the idea of flyers and am planning on 2 razorwings in my list, tbh I just need to play more 6th ed, hopefully there will be a model for the Voidraven soon.