Sunday, 7 July 2013

Dakka Dakka Dakka

Hi all, well as some of you may realise I tend to build the next unit prior to painting the one I have currently built. After finishing the Dreadnought I decided to build the Autocannon Heavy Support squad so it'd be ready to paint once the tactical squad was finished.

I was hoping to get a game of Betrayal at my local club this week and after building them realised that they wouldn't be the most practical squad to take part built to game with so decided to see if I could get them done prior to going.

As you can see from the picture above I managed to get them done. Now the thing is I never had to push myself to get through them, I was pleasantly surprised at just how quickly they came together.
 I started to wonder why this was and came to the realisation it's all about the process. With the World Eaters I'm doing something I've done a lot in the past. As I've alluded to above, I don't completely build them prior to painting.

For the most part they're being built with the shoulder pads, back pack and sometimes the weapons left off, this allows me to spray the main parts in white and the other parts in black. The pads and back packs are attached to cocktails stick and paper clips respectively.

All this does is allows me to speed up the process slightly as I always, when painting white, re undercoat areas that aren't going to be white with black prior to applying base coats etc.

So with that in mind my next blog post will be something I've never done before, a walk through/talk through of a World Eater from start to finish. Hopefully you'll all find something in there of use, whether it's the process I've explained above or the weathering, applying transfers or adding the blood at the end. Until then, I've added a splash of blood to the Centurion.


  1. Really looking good James - It's going to be a stunning force I hope you remember to take lots of photos in battle when you get the to the tourney ... eventually

    Talk-torial sounds awesome keep it up fellah!

    Ka kite ano.

  2. Looking very nice. I do love the Autocannon models, love them even more when they are en masse in a big unit.

    I do like the Captain with the blood, just enough without being over powering.

    I'd also give thumbs up to a walkthrough/tutorial.

  3. Great work as alway. Looking forward to the walkthrough!