Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Rampaging all over the place

Well it’s been a couple of weeks and due to real life (rugby, grand prix, couple of heavy nights out) I’ve not really done as much as I would have liked. I’ve managed to build a few extra bits and also placed yet another Forge World order for the last of the bits I need, a Spartan and a Typhon :D


On the painting front I’ve done the Rampager Squad, I can honestly say that they were a pleasure to paint, bags and bags of character throughout. There was stuff I wasn’t noticing until actually putting paint on them, like the guy with the swollen eye, I really enjoyed putting paint on these guys, I think they’ll stand out pretty well within the whole force.


I’ve also got the first of the 2 characters done. I wanted a pretty stoic looking face so had a look through some Plogs on Warseer to see if I could find one that would suit and low and behold it was a friend of mine, Rev, who’s log sprung up the one I thought would be most suitable. The good old terminator sergeant head, just the right look I was after. You’ll notice that the Centurion hasn’t got any blood smeared on him at the moment, not really sure if I want to add some, I’d appreciate some feedback and thoughts on this. Does he need it and why etc.


And as I mentioned above I’ve also kept on building stuff, the first of the 2 Contemptor Dreadnoughts (currently on the painting table) and the 2nd huge Tactical squad. All that leaves to build now is the Destroyer Squad, the Heavy Weapons Squad, a Praetor, the 2nd Contemptor, a Land Raider Phobos, a Spartan and last but by no means least the Typhon. So 19 marines and dreadnought and 3 tanks, it looks a lot but hopefully it won’t take long. On the back of this stuff I also have the remainder of Craigs World Eaters to do as well! Best get building and painting!!


  1. I came upon your blog because Garfy from Tale of Painters is an avid follower of your blog. And I must say I understands why he has this in his top-list! Your love for power armoured dudes and your creativity knows no bounds! Keep up the good work, cheers!

  2. Thanks mate, your comments are really appreciated :D

    Hopefully my humble little blog will keep you entertained for at least five mins per update.