Sunday, 16 June 2013

June Judgement

So on Saturday the 15th June I attended a local (ish) tournament at Salisbury Legion Wargames club, June Judgement. The event was 1 day 1750 points with 3/1/0 scoring system which also included secret missions that gave you 1 tournament point for each, VPs were used for tie break.

Got up nice and early on a Saturday morning for the drive over, it takes about 40 mins to get there from where I currently live so it's not too bad. I've been over to Salisbury a couple of times, I parked in the centre of town the first time I went over but have recently started using the park and ride as it's much less stressful than trying to drive around the one way system and certainly much cheaper than parking in town all day, It's free, all you have to pay is your fare into town which is £2.50 return, parking in town starts from around £7.50 all day.

The event itself was run at the Royal British Legion which is pretty much in the town centre so it's nice and easy to just pop out for lunch, as you can imagine the town has all the usual take aways etc. the local GW is also about 50m away just in case you need any supplies quickly.

So on to the tournament itself, as I've mentioned it was a one day event at 1750 points with 3 games and secret missions, as you all probably know I'm currently running the Drop Pod Wolves, here's the list I used;

Wolf Lord; Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield, Saga of the Bear, Wolf Tail Talisman, Runic Armour
Rune Priest, Chooser of the Slain, Force Stave
Rune Priest, Force Stave
Wolf Guard;   7 ,6x Combi Meltas, 1x Combi Flamer, 2x Power Swords, Drop Pod

Grey Hunters 1; 8, Meltagun, Wolf Standard, Drop Pod
Grey Hunters 2; 8, Meltagun, Wulfen Drop Pod
Grey Hunters 3; 8, Meltagun, Power Fist, Drop Pod
Grey Hunters 4; 8, Meltagun, Power Fist, Drop Pod
Grey Hunters 5; 10, Flamer/Meltagun, Wulfen, Drop Pod
Grey Hunters 6; 10, Flamer/Meltagun, Drop Pod
So game one I was facing John Stewart with his Grey Knights/Necron combination, his basic list was this;
Brother Captain, Psycannon
Brother Captain Psycannon
2x Strike Squads, 2 Psycannons
3x Dreadknights, 2 with Incinerator/Psycannon, 1 only Incinerator

Necron Destroyer Lord, mind shackle scarabs
2x 5 Warriors in Doomscythes

The mission for this one was the Scouring and set up (not that I care about that) was Dawn of War, he managed to win the roll for set up and first turn. This Really had me worried due to Warp Quake, I did contemplate just putting the lads out on the table but just decided to crack on and just go for it. So the game started and as always if I'm not going first I'll more than likely just roll to see if I can sieze the initiative, my first bit of luck in this game, a six! Phew! Here's the resulting deployment of my first wave;

My first turn saw me take one of his strike squads down to 2 men which also saw his Warlord go down aswell. His retaliation saw him killing a fair few marines and assaulting a unit with his Necron Lord and one of the Dreadknights, the lord won the combat and my unit retreated away from him, I managed to take a few wounds off of the dreadknight and stuck in that combat.

My turn 2 saw all three of my reserves come down, which resulted in the majority of his other stike squad dissapearing in a hail of bolter rounds my lord and the remnants of his unit charged the Necron lord along with a Rune Priest who had split from his unit after they retreated, the lord put a couple of wounds on him which left him at initiative one for the next phase in combat. The squad in combat with the Dreadknight actually managed to take him down as well which meant at the end of my turn 2 all he had left on the board was 2 dreadknights, and a couple of strike marines who were locked in combat, a few Strike marines with a Brother Captain and a necron lord who was also locked in combat.

His turn 2 saw both of his reserves come on and kill a couple of marines, the small strike squad managed to kill a three man unit of Wolf Guard, one Dreadknight manage to kill another couple of marines but was well out of charge range, the other Dreadknight again killed a marine or 2 but failed to get enough on his charge roll, My Lord then put the Necron Lord out of his misery.

My turn 3 saw me finish off the remainder of the strike squad along with his other Brother Captain, the Wolf Lord charged and took a couple of wounds off of one of the Dreadknights whilst a squad along with Rune Priest charged the other and stuck, one strike marine held against 2 Grey Hunters.

His 3 saw both the Doomscythes zoom and drop their passengers onto objectives before turbo-ing off of the board, the Wolf Lord killed the Dreadknight he was in combat with and the squad that was in combat with the other stuck this turn as well, the strike marine stuck yet again with the 2 grey Hunters.

In my turn 4 the free Grey Hunter squads advanced towards the 5 necrons on an objective and killed a couple whilst the Wolf Lord joined the combat with the other Dreadknight and took a couple of wounds off of him (I think he killed him as we rushed the last few turns as the result was pretty clear at this point) the lone strike marine died and his doomscythes re-appeared and failed to do anything, I managed to clear the Necron Warriors off of the objective they were standing on.

So the end result seen me winning 10-3, so quite please with that, it was a great fun game to play. One point to note is that the Wolf Lords personal tally for this game was 1 Necron Lord and 2 Dreadknights at a cost of no wounds to himself!

I'll cover the next 2 games along with the final result in my next post.

Until then, here's some World Eaters;

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