Sunday, 16 June 2013

June Judgement Part 2

Sorry, not really got many pics for this post.

So game 2 was against Chef with his 5 (yes I did say 5) Techmarine list, the basics of the list were as follows;

Master of the Forge x2, 1 has a Conversion Beamer, both have servitors, 1 unit with Plasma Cannons, 1 with Multimeltas.

1 Ironclad Dreadnought in Drop Pod
2x Dreadnoughts with dual Autocannons
2x 5 Regular Scouts
1x 5 Sniper Scouts
1x Storm Talon
2x Land Speeder Storms
3x Thunderfire Cannons

Game was The Emperors Will with Hammer and Anvil deployment. In hindsight I gave Chef the wrong deployment side(I had the choice), I really should pay more attention to peoples lists at first look. Through the report the turns might not be quite right but it there or there about.

So my turn one I dropped in and pretty much did nothing L, well that wasn’t a good start although in return I probably lost 8 or nine marines and crucially didn’t give away First Blood, so turn 2 comes and just my Wolf Guard Arrive, that’s not so bad as at least it means I get a chance to have a pop at his Ironclads rear armour, manage to get 2 hull points off of it. Along with that I manage to clear the Sniper Scouts off of an objective, the Lord got rid of a Dreadnought but as a result was down to one wound (ouch!), and the other squads that came down in the first wave killed all of his Warlords servitors and were now locked in combat with the Warlord.

His Turn 2 saw none of his reserves arrive, the Ironclad and Thunderfire Cannons killed enough Grey Hunters to force a break check which unfortunately meant the left the board (much to my disgust), I think this was the turn I killed his warlord as well, might have been the following combat phase, memory’s getting a bit hazy. It also saw 2 of my Wolf Guard die.
My Turn 3 both of my other pods arrived, both towards his back line, one actually scattered 9 inches to where I would have preferred it which meant everything could get on to the rear armour of his 2nd Dreadnought, he’d also brought one of his Techmarines down to try and shoot out my Lord the previous turn, the result of this turn saw the last Wolf Guard chuck a speculative Krak grenade at the rear of the Ironclad to see it go boom :D, the squad that just arrived did for the other Dreadnought and the lord did for the Techmarine that had tried to take him out the previous turn.

All of Chefs reserves arrived this turn, both Speeders with their Scouts came on his short board edge and the Storm Talon zoomed on the board, he managed to kill the last of the 3 Wolf guard, 6 of the ten strong unit that had taken out the Dreadnought the previous turn and a couple of the marines from the other squad that had just arrived but that was pretty much it.

Turn four saw me take out both LS Storms and all bar 3 of the scouts that fell out of them, I managed to get into combat with one of the Thunderfire Techmarines which stopped that shooting but failed the charge for the other. He managed to kill another couple of marines with the Storm Talon and I think one more from the heavily Depleted Squad at the other side of the board.

And that was pretty much it, the game ended at this point due to time, I think that was more down to us taking a bit of time to get started rather than playing slowly. Purely down to the couple of marines that Chef managed to kill I never had any objectives, I did however have all 3 secondary’s  to nothing for him so a 3-0 win to me, I also managed to get one of my secret missions.
Game 3 and final game of the event I was up against Martyn Powelland his Tyranids, his list was something like this (you’ll need to forgive me, I don’t know where things fit into the nids slots)game, Vanguard Strike, Purge the Alien;

2 Units of Genestealers with Broodlords
2 Units of Termagaunts
2x Tervigons
2x Trygons
1x 3 Hive Guard
Doom of Malantye (sp) in a Mysetic Spore

His set up;

I for the life of me can’t remember the size of the units, this is how the game went, me first, 4 pods consisted of 2 Rune Priest+ Wolf Guard+Grey Hunters, 1 Lord +Wolf Guard with Combi Flamer+Grey Hunters, 1 unit of the 10 Grey Hunters unit. On the initial drop I killed one Tervigon, a couple of Guants and all the Genestealers bar the Broodlords who both took 1 wound. He managed to kill 5 of the Lords unit and Spawn 16 Guants (there was a double in there too), there was also 5 of one of the Rune Priests squad killed in combat which caused that unit to run. Taking a small step back in this turn, due to the Lords unit taking so many casualties it forced a break test, this was a bit of a crucial stage of the game. They failed the test which meant that the Trygon, Swarmlord and Broodlord that were shaping up to charge never got in, if they had it would have put a completely different spin on the game.

Turn 2 saw a Grey Hunter pack and the Wolf Guard arrive, I pretty much surrounded the Swarmlord and proceded to shoot him to death, I also managed to get both Broodlords this turn and the 2nd Tervigon. His turn 2 saw one Trygon kill a Rune Priest and the remnants of his squad and for the life of me I can’t remember what the other Trygon did this turn, potentially he killed the 3 Wolf Guard that had just come in I also lost another couple of marine to the Hive Guard.

Turn 3 saw the last squad come in from reserve, they helped to get rid of the Hive Guard along with the other larger squad that was left, the Lord along with Remnants managed to get the last Trygon which meant all he was left with was the large squad of Guants that the Tervigon had Spawned in the first turn. Fortunately the Doom arrived this turn for him and proceeded to do what the Doom does best, pics are of my turn 3 start and finish.
Over the next couple of turns the Doom done what it does best, along with the pod it managed to kill a whole squad of Grey Hunters and the rest of the lords squad, the Drop Pods killed the Mysetic Spore and the Lord finished off the Doom after he had helped kill the last of the Guants. I think the game ended at the end of my turn 5 and resulted in a 17-7 victory to me. This was a list that really scared me, it’s the main reason I put the high strength stuff in and really why the Lord is there in the first place, so a good result and I feel vindicated in a few of my choices.

So the end result for the event was a 3rd place for me, the best I’ve done in a while, so really chuffed, as I said in my previous post, the event ran really smoothly, I’ll definitely be attending in the future.


  1. That tech list is bizzarre never seen any thing like it - challenge to play or just unexpected?

  2. Just unexpected really, due to me giving him the wrong side to set up on it did make it a tad more difficult to deal with.