Monday, 10 June 2013

Visions of Heresy

Well, I didn’t mean for it to take quite this long before the next update, but hey, that’s just the way things go sometimes, isn’t it?


Anyway, as I mentioned in my last post I’ve got a rather large project on the go right now, hopefully some of you will have picked up on it from the title of this post, it’s all Horus Heresy (HH) related. There’s really 2 parts to this, the first small part is some of my ongoing commission work, Sons of Horus. As you can see from the pics there are some boarding marines, some Justerian Terminators, a Contemptor Dreadnought to go along with them and Abaddon and Loken.


The basic brief for these was for them to be of a similar colour scheme to a unit that was featured in White Dwarf just after Christmas, a little brighter than the norm, with the Justerian and Contemptor in the black and red scheme. This is just the start of this commission I’m assured there’ll be plenty more of these to come.


So, that’s the first part, the next much larger part is a combined project that I’m doing with Craig, the lad who bought the first lot of World Eaters off of me. Throughout our various dealings back and forward we’ve become pretty good friends and he recently asked if I fancied going to the HH Betrayal campaign weekend at Warhammer World (WHW) near the end of August, I looked in to it and thought well why not, it'd give me a bit of a deadline and purpose to get painting another army.
Now the thing is between us we need a 6000 point army selected from the Legion army list in the Forge World (FW) Betrayal book. Tallying up what I’ve already painted for Craig comes to around 2000 points which means I’ve still got to paint 4000 points of World Eaters for the event!


With that in mind I’ve made a couple of large FW orders and also made a start on painting. The basics of my list are as follows;

1x Praetor (love the new FW Praetors, got them with the 2nd order :D)

1x Centurion (Legion Champion)

2x Contemptors

1x 8 man Rampager Squad

1x 10 man Destroyer Squad

2x 20 man Tactical Squads

1x 8 man Heavy Weapons Squad (Autocannons)

1x Phobos Land Raider

1x Spartan Assault Tank

1x Typhon Heavy Siege Tank

So really, 68 marines, 3 tanks and 2 dreadnoughts and that’s not including the rest of what Craig needs but he’s looking at needing 22 marines, a Land Raider, a Rapier and a big Mechanicum Cohort. The only things I still need to get are the Spartan and The Typhon, so I’m almost there as far as purchases go. Here's a pic of the first box of stuff I got;


So yeah, I’ve got just over 2 months to get this all done along with a house move somewhere in the middle, I do have a couple of weeks off of work at the beginning of August though, I will try and get alot of it done before then.
So far I have 10 tactical marines done and should have the rest of that squad done by the end of next weekend, so there will be more pics then.
Think I’ll get it done in time?

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